Nanchong real money to encourage innovation and Entrepreneurship

now people everywhere are actively encourages entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship has become a lot of people are doing things in Sichuan, Nanchong in order to encourage some people’s entrepreneurial activities, launched a number of substantive measures.

"opinion" and encouraged to create distinctive public record space. In Colleges and universities will actively establish college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship club, provide the venue, the implementation of funding for college students, graduated 5 years of college students to provide information consultation, project promotion, supply and demand docking, project incubation services. After the evaluation of the college students innovation and entrepreneurship club and other model features incubator, giving 100 thousand yuan of financial subsidies. Each county (city, district) and the Nanchong Economic Development Zone on the public record space model incubator rent, broadband access fees and public service for business software development tools, give appropriate subsidies, encourage the public record to provide free space for high bandwidth Internet access services for entrepreneurs.

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