Teach the skills of college students entrepreneurship in the process of anti cheat

now a lot of people want to get rich through entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial crowd is very extensive, many college students have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial experience due to lack of college students, so in the process of entrepreneurship is very gullible, today the whole network Xiaobian teach students’ entrepreneurial fangpian skills, allow investors to easily start.

1, the qualification certificate. All kinds of qualification certificate is a symbol of the level of development of the enterprise, the vast majority of crooks do not have or not, of course, there are crooks of the certificate is full, but there are really false, if necessary, should go to the relevant departments to understand.

2, ID. The vast majority of crooks do not dare to produce valid ID card and other valid documents, pay attention to identify the true and false documents.

3, see the product. Is the value and the price equal to the sample on the contract?.

4, check the financial institutions and the false remittance. Check the financial institutions is true, mainly through the other side of the Bank Supervision Bureau, the people’s bank check, a liar with forged bank name to the telecommunications sector registration number, if you check fake bank and remittance you fooled by the telecommunications sector.

5, anti. The best transportation receipt, later can not leave the goods, prevent fraud moment with the same or similar means of transport.

6 off-site delivery. Scammers often do not deliver goods on both sides of the site, so they are less likely to do or not to do business on the basis of delivery.

7, test. May wish to use language to test each other, such as peer friends is the Public Security Department of the economic police, or some aspects of the expert, liar natural fear.

Several methods of anti