Own shop when the boss do business

is now a lot of migrant workers are thinking about their own home business, but everyone wants to be a boss, what business can be stable to make money? Today, the whole network Xiaobian to recommend a few market prospect is good investment projects, investors can easily make a profit.

waterless car wash, "king of money" in favor of

have limit washing industry, price rising situation in the country, if a "water washing shop", the prospects must be very good.

"waterless washing" is the use of a technique called "water washing net" patent technology, the product formula is composed of a variety of surface active agent, flotation agent and suspending agent such as paint protection components. Suspension of products can be effectively adsorbed on cleaning the dust cloth, not only can avoid to scratch the paint, but also can make the car clean thoroughly clean, the effect will be better. Do not do the work of the car wash car wash in a clean and dry, wash the car, wax, polish, conservation and other one-time complete process. What is a good shop for operators, both water and time saving, for consumers, the effect is good and cheap, so the car wash water method is very competitive in the market.

water wash a car only 10 minutes or so, charging more than 10 yuan, the cost is less than 1 yuan, as long as the site properly, we can recover the investment quickly. The main equipment includes a washing machine and a number of plastic hoses and nozzles. If you want to join the chain, you can also get a waterless car wash 10 boxes, but also can be provided by the headquarters of the chain of entrepreneurship training and unified store management model. What a good shop? Open a water washing shop, a total investment of 5000 yuan, the shop area should not be less than 20 square meters, if you can wash 20 cars per day, per vehicle fee 10 yuan, remove the rent, tax, 4 months is enough to recover the investment.

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