Wang Guosheng became a billionaire

us many people complain all day yourself it’s not that no, you already have the most precious things in this world, there is a sound body, you should know that some people want a healthy body is very difficult, but they do not admit defeat, the strong man, want to say today Wang Guosheng, a young disabled but success is now a billionaire!

1965 in March, Wang Guosheng was born in Changyuan Xinxiang County Gang Xiang Wei Yuan Cun, Henan City, Meng of a poor peasant family. For this family, the fate seems to be a bit unfair to them a family of two people with disabilities, rely on a few acres of thin fields to live six. Adult, Wang Guosheng height of only 1.55 meters, weighing only 37 kg. In 1982, he was preparing for the college entrance examination, because of physical disabilities, the dream shattered.

, he told the villagers to borrow together 20 thousand yuan of funds required to set up factories. Everything comes to him who waits。 In 1995, Wang Guosheng the endotracheal tube has been developed successfully, then obtains the Henan Province Technical Achievement Award, but also to fill the gaps in the domestic production of the tracheal catheter.

1996, he registered the "Tuoren" brand

now Tuoren group with hundreds of medical products, anesthesia and analgesia pump package sales production has been ranked first in the country, and exported to Europe, India, Turkey, South Korea and other countries and regions. In this way, a group has developed into 7 branches, two production bases, an R & D center, covers an area of 80 thousand square meters, assets recommended