What are the competitive advantages of supermarket chains

supermarket chain to join what competitive advantage? Most of today’s supermarkets are famous for people to talk about is some of the supermarket chain, then they have what kind of competitive advantage?

, a cost leadership strategy needs competitive advantage this general strategy is based on low price oriented, to provide low-cost products and services in order to keep the products and services with competitors with similar value. Enterprises in the choice of cost leadership strategy, the need to establish the following aspects of competitive advantage.

3 information advantage with the expansion of enterprise scale, frequent trading, the increasing amount of data, how to store and transfer between the headquarters of real and monetary information, management information and timely processing and control, how to reduce the transmission and processing of the information of the cost, which involves the establishment of the supermarket information system. The adoption of information technology can effectively solve the problem of timely replenishment and replacement, reduce the cost of shortage. After the completion of the system can produce detailed data can also create value for the supplier, for example, suppliers can sell in poor areas of research, promotion to enhance sales. In Nanjing, Metro is the first to send orders online, and then download as a form of order in the form of order management, which ensures that the order in a timely manner and reduce transaction costs.