Golden edge vermicelli to give the same rice consumption

rice noodle as the southern people often eat snacks, has basically captured the taste buds of the Chinese people. Traditional rice noodle soup on the simple soup with side dishes, finished. Today gold conjugalbed nanowires breakthrough tradition, brought more features for the noodle eaters, crock traditional technology into one, make the soup rich. Vermicelli taste more unique, attracting numerous diners come to taste. Fire cans of rice noodle pioneer, Jin Xiang Jin joined all the way gold. Golden margin edge entrepreneurship, gold edge edge entrepreneurial pull pull success.

golden edge variety of rice, mainly in the following:

burning tank: Chinese ancestors used bonfires, fireplace, stove to heat the cooked food, here we call the fire tank. Jin Xiang edge line to learn Chinese food culture heritage, the ancestors of the fire pot can be made in the form of rice noodle. Vermicelli met tank produced delicacy colors, showing excellent noodle delicious, rich China cans of diet culture, let the incense edge noodle unique, attractive.

: Jinxiang noodle soup on the edge of the soup with vermicelli tank on fire boil, eat the rice noodle into the soup and noodle fusion, creating the new diet Chinese emerge in an endless stream origin of human reproduction; the development of dietary culture, let diners deeply nostalgia.

is the gold conjugalbed batching tank vermicelli carefully several years of research and combined with the integration of a variety of Chinese herbal medicine, Peru made of packets, boiled soup smooth and refreshing, at the same time, also fully retained the nutritional value of the food delicious delicious noodle edge everyone loves. Golden edge of the pot can bring a fresh rice noodle crisp delicious rice noodles, its taste makes people feel very delicious, gold incense edge cans of rice noodles, with delicious to win the market, choose to join, diners love to eat, let you all the way.

people are greedy, especially in the business, every one of us for wealth is not satisfied, is hope, every day can earn the most abundant wealth, let their wealthy, have a lifetime to spend money, and fire tank vermicelli pioneer, gold edge joining a gold, let you every day to make money, to meet your wishes, so much wealth opportunities, you do not join, not bad.

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