More to do for customers to worry about sticking to retain more customers

in order to retain more customers, but now many shopkeepers racked his brain, constantly thinking method, and I as a shopkeeper, so it is natural. I decided to start his own business after graduating from high school, the parents and the help of friends, borrowed thirty thousand yuan in a nearby community opened a small tobacco and non-staple food store. Just opened, some nearby residents occasionally come to the store to stroll around, buy some daily necessities.

but slowly around and gradually opened two new supermarket, because my stores less capital, small scale, store merchandise categories are not complete, soon, my shop customers significantly reduced, the business day deserted, the year six or seven and August, three consecutive I shop may see the money, no money, not to mention the money.

in the face of their own shop dilemma, I also thought a lot of ways to deal with, such as the commodity sale, but later I found out, it can not solve the problem, I store some goods already low profit, such as toothpaste, soap and other necessities of life, only one or two cents of profit, if the price, it is obviously to a. I can not think of is that the customer instead of the quality of my product sales price has been questioned, the store’s sales did not improve.

when I was lost, there was one thing that made me seem to see hope. One day, an old aunt came to my shop to buy toilet paper, edible oil and other commodities, she paid the money, said to me: "take these things to your store, I can’t move, when my son home, let him take." The aunt I know, her family lives in the five floor, the son of the glass factory in the county development zone. Aunt more than and 70 years of age, carrying such a heavy thing to climb the floor is indeed some difficulty.

at that time, my husband just came out to deliver the goods back, I said to her mother: "otherwise, let me help you to help my family home?" Immediately, the aunt said happily: "that’s fine, thank you very much indeed!" Since then, the boss came to the store to buy things more times, and I also feel a lot closer to chat, and even her son has become a frequent visitor to my store. So, I think, two community I shop near the old building there is no elevator, if can use the door-to-door service, may reverse the current situation of the shop keep going by painstaking effort. So, I decided to do an article on the service, to carry out door-to-door service.

I first printed a lot of name card and leaflets, residents in the noon, evening peak hours and holidays to release cell door. Since I carry out door-to-door service, my shop hotline telephone like as hot, especially in the evening at six o’clock to eight o’clock, delivered the phone up, my husband and children are the main deliveryman, a bottle of soy sauce, a bag of toilet paper, even a single to earn a few.