Several practical management skills

to do business, the pressure is very big, because now the people at the time of consumption demand continues to improve, if no creative words can not be recognized in today’s market, more and more consumers, more and more critical, want to attract their vision, improve their desire to buy to shop some management skills. Following follow Xiaobian to see what practical management skills!

1, the first to create a good external image shop.

will store the product as far as possible to achieve beautiful, reasonable, obvious. In the case of not affecting the management of the city in front of the door and the location of the pavement before placing some products. At the same time, there is nothing to put some music, for students of the product, might as well music fashion point, it seems a little cultural.

in addition, the store business staff can not be too simple fashion, business people can not be handsome handsome guy.

2, the rigid demand gradually become flexible demand and daily needs, in order to enhance the popularity of the shop, and gradually change the consumption habits and consumption routes of teachers and students, so as to promote the sales of existing products.

1) increase impulse buying products. Such as fashion, popular products, gifts, daily needs, impulse buying products. Specific jewelry, gifts, squid, tea, etc..

2) increase consumer products. Such as: words, payment cards, cards, magazines, newspapers and other mobile telecommunications charges, etc..

3) even directly to do a tutor contact point. Free service. There are family oriented students can sign up for registration.

4) with special products to drive the store popularity and sales. For example, a neutral pen, another place to sell a two, you sell 90 Fen, as long as you do not lose money, remember to put up a sign on the outside, write a neutral pen each $0.9". See this brand, many people will certainly want to come to your shop to buy, while the other way to buy things. This can not only promote popularity, but also to promote the sale of other products.

3, broaden the channels of purchase, from the product (quality and novelty) and price advantage.

Compared to

, students are more interested in new, strange, special, cheap, fashionable products. If the product to the students’ psychology, from the product type and product quality to choose good, and to maintain a relatively low price. For example:

1) stationery: one is to set the most practical, the most commonly used, the most affordable products; the second is a fashion personality stationery, such prices can be slightly higher; the third can recommend