North Korea sentenced the United States college students were exposed

North Korea has been very tense, but recently there is an American college students with the purpose of entering North korea. North Korea was sentenced to college students? What are the specific reasons? What is the purpose of American college students coming to North Korea? Let’s have a look!


reported, Bill confessed that in September last year, he went to a friend with his mother’s home for dinner. The other is the United States friendship joint supervision and deacons, encouraged Wham Bill to North Korea pick an important political slogan, as "trophies" hanging in the church, and promised to provide a $10 thousand second-hand car in another; if Wham Bill was arrested, the church will be charity to his mother to provide $200 thousand.

reported that Wham Bill said has been recognized by the United States government and politicians attempt to despicable means to deal with the North Korean people and to attempt this government apology.



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