Start a new idea to open a junk food restaurant

business opportunities are everywhere, as long as we are good at digging, there will be numerous entrepreneurial ideas. Here, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a new idea of entrepreneurship, which is to open a junk food restaurant. Below, let us come to know, to see whether such business opportunities.

you see the trash box on the corner, in addition to picking up the trash, there may be the restaurant owner. For example, we will introduce the.


23, Holmes, has a decent job on weekdays, specializing in private pensions. However, at the end of the week, she wore an apron, recovered from the trash garbage when the cook and the waiter.

of course, Liverpool is not the first "junk food" restaurant in the uk. The first British "junk food" restaurant is called by a Adam Smith in Liz’s brother. He encouraged the two girls to open a restaurant.

Adam Smith also told them that some of the wasted food is not bad, but because too ugly, or is home to buy too much to eat, or is placed in the supermarket one day a bit listless. In any case, more than 90% of the food that has been thrown away is actually good and can be eaten.

The evidence for

is that Adam Smith has accepted more than 10 thousand customers at Liz’s restaurant and has not heard of anyone who has had a bad stomach. After learning about the terrible data, the 23 year old Gabby and Natalie decided to open a small restaurant where they could recycle garbage.

they also learned that, at the food bank in England, crying for citizens to contribute some of the food, 35% of the food finally into the dustbin. So, Gabby and her partner decided to recycle junk food from a variety of bins". They will reach out to the vegetable store, the major restaurants, supermarkets, garbage bins, but also really full harvest.

because each time to get the food is different, so they have to adopt a flexible way of cooking, which is based on the available ingredients to determine the day’s menu. Most often appear in their food on the menu is homemade stew, soup, bacon sandwiches, and fresh lemon curd and other desserts.

looks like a simple dish, but the concept of food borne environmental protection should not be underestimated. Gabby hopes that she and her partner’s junk food restaurant is not a business, but a small community with a message of food.

needs to be clear, because the ingredients come from the trash, junk food