The planning analysis of local site entrepreneurial series

Hello everyone, I’m a grassroots brother, and last article about local site entrepreneurship has been elaborated on a large number of idiots understand the big truth, in this article, we began to enter the substantive stage. Today we want to analyze is about the local site planning content, cool grass roots will start from the overall situation, for everyone to bring more detailed analysis.

form: how do you cut in,


said display form, many children may think that this is not what to say, portal, community and so on? In fact, we want to make a bigger impact, we must make our site more lethal. In the early days, local sites mostly existed in the form of portals and forums, or classified information websites. With the micro-blog concept of hot, many local sites began to launch micro-blog, in order to keep up with the trend, in fact, after all is said and done is nothing more than a local portal, SNS portal, BBS and classified information exists in the form of, this is the objective existence of the phenomenon, but we should put this several forms of organic combination, so as to attract and retain more users, to maximize our influence.

to sort out ideas, combined with a variety of forms can make our site looks more powerful, but also more able to tap the value of the user, this is what we most want to see. However, the reality is that our on-line so many functions, is really conducive to our operations? Come back, if in the initial operation of these functions will be together on the line, then by virtue of our limited energy, coupled with the objective conditions, we can really endure cold if early? We finally have to say that the function on the line, so we have to line in what order? The first line SNS line portal or the first on-line forum again line SNS is the first online portal to online portal? Fuck do my good halo.

let’s analyze the objective reality. We need to answer these questions, prior to the first, as a local site, which contents are of interest to the user, to show the form of what we will be better able to show the value of? Second, the local user acceptance of the network is high or low? Third, or down a bit, under the a little more important. Fourth, you are good at what type of operation site, SNS portal?? this cool grassroots advice is to choose a good operation you type as a starting point, such as the first local portal flow it, then the line SNS and the functions of the forum, from the local portal drainage.

due to geographical differences, different places of culture and the excitement of the user is not the same, just like different regions of the men to judge the standard of beauty is different. Therefore, we must find the excitement of local users, but as a local people, I believe we can more or less from their own and other people around to see the characteristics of the local people. Shangougou as brother at the grassroots, villagers generally love to talk, to make more friends.