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, joyo.com, is the founder of the old masterpiece. 07 years since its inception, where customers launched seven categories of network goods, including women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, shoes, home and cosmetics. Where the commodity support fitting, unconditional refund within thirty days and the more than 1000 city of the cash on delivery service and perfect experience, just four years, where the customer with its customer supreme service and market advantage, has become the choice of Internet users favorite online shopping clothing etc.. However, there are no wind days, where the development of the fiery, but was reported in the media where the existing debts crisis, reported a number of suppliers of goods in customer accounts, founder vintage was gambling, anger cable supplier arrears. In the face of such a major problem, although the old and every guest official has repeatedly clarified, but the outside world is still questioning, which makes every guest development has been greatly affected. Of course, there are problems, there will be solutions, although every guest into arrears crisis, but it is still on the "storm" normal operation, to customers where the purchase of goods is still an endless stream of customers. In the face of future development, customers will continue to persevere, to introduce more services and new experience. But this is clearly not the points we should pay attention to, as a YY mobile phone game platform for developers, Internet operating strategy, we are more is what happens from now summarize some experiences and lessons in order to complete the website development of their own, so we have what inspiration for our mobile phone gaming platform.


recently face debt crisis, Chen was forced to personally to the media to clarify the rumors, but the reason why, in fact, can be divided into four aspects: an overview

first, over marketing. Two times, in the face of existing problems, aging, where the guest made a deep reflection, reflecting on the content of their own and every guest blind expansion and fever out of control. Where the customer from the line to now, just four years, making a huge marketing performance, however good pole is bad, excessive marketing makes not only where the customer traffic becomes particularly large, capital turnover is more complex, but also by the envy of the same industry.

second, contempt of interest. Many companies start operation is difficult, where the customer is no exception, in order to appear in the fierce competition in the market at the show, excessive puerile market means, although this method can play a significant effect in a very short period of time, but because they do not comply with the laws of market development, will lead to a variety of crisis in the late stage.

third, work extrusion, management is not in place. Because every guest company moves, there are many changes in staff positions, resulting in a backlog of work a lot of time, and the company’s internal management, there are many shortcomings, which led to turmoil constantly.

fourth, cooperation is not in place. In the face of such rumors if we frightful to the ear, to clarify the facts, let the media believe, then it should be combined with rumors of cooperation within the company to the rumor, therefore, in cooperation, the necessary cooperation information still needs to be more transparent, so that we can rest assured. < >