Webmaster should how to original web site article so as to win the user experience

October 1, 2009

Baidu search engine algorithm has a great change, the most important one is to give the original article weight is very high, "content is king" once again become a hot topic at leisure, then how can we go to the original? Original difficulty and professional


1. Content replication. Many webmaster, including some network companies are trying to imitate the practice of portal sites, copy, paste, modify almost become a consensus among many people, resulting in the search for a large number of duplicate information exists. The search engine in order to enhance the user experience is to repeat the information in the "crackdown" by all means, the results of many sites have been removed or reduced the search engine search records, the lack of awareness of innovation, lack of professional knowledge of the site down again facing the new situation of baptism. The website, especially individual website, should pay attention to is to make a website small, do special, constant innovation, constant study. If you see a woman standing to do good, please pay attention not to imitate also do a woman standing, should first consider their own professional and into or through the efforts to reach the "female columns" (such as clothing collocation or beauty) to do about the better, like this if you are lazy what day can original an article on it.

two, be a real editor. Usually we speak of the original, for most of the webmaster is referred to as "pseudo original", because you are not professional, so can only imitate, this is not the webmaster’s fault, everyone’s experience is limited. So why is the original so difficult? First of all, the webmaster is not threatened by the original, as long as do, insist on doing it will have effect. Remember in the classroom of college school philosophy from quantitative to qualitative development process, that is to say when we are doing anything to be serious to summarize and thinking, such as we are seriously pseudo original after countless times, which will have a profound understanding of the content, the quality of sublimation is inevitable. For example, to do the weight loss through countless pseudo original, in our minds will be a variety of weight loss methods, then we can easily draw a few articles composed of an article. Of course, the premise must be that we update, each article must be serious, careful, and really filtered through the brain.

three, user experience supreme. Just second points for everyone to talk about the original process, so we are free or take a few points form a search engine to see that it is an original article, but you have to consider the "repeat" problem, website and open stores have the same purpose, is to in order to survive and profit, profit, we should try our best to keep every one to browse our website, let them second times, third times, fourth times…. Come to our website. It’s like we often go to a specialty store to buy Leather shoes. Then the user needs what information? We say a lot of content is to follow the law, for example, there are many ways to lose weight, we should choose the most practical for the user, to its dregs, takes its essence, and then to use simple language >.