Operating local portal site 2nd Anniversary summary post

time is really fast, the blink of an eye in 2008 is going to pass, in November 20, 2006, my website Laiwu city network officially revised on-line, has been 2 years. I always want to find time to write something. I’m free at last. Write down something,

my site started in 2006, and it’s actually ready to start in 2005. Just graduated from the University for 05 years, ready to do a local portal, the green is really what are not, what all don’t understand, the first is to buy a local domain name, we Shandong is a prefecture level city of Laiwu, the area code is 0634, I bought 0634.net, the domain name is. Find the program has become an important link to my work, a company in Sichuan, from the end of 05 to early 06 until they developed, used, but a series of problems have come out, the service can not keep up, then the company directly give up development of this CMS. Then shall have replaced their own more than half a year of the program, the data are lost, so I counted in the official website in 2006 November 20th. At that time, the name of the website was called Laiwu city network. Along the way, walked a lot of detours. The beginning is also doing friends gathering, organize activities, made a little popular. I’m tired, too,

these 2 years down, summed up some experience, to do the local portal needs to insist, but insist not blindly wait, but need not paragraph of efforts, innovation, and insist on. In 2 years we constantly improve their own programs, to develop their own brands, especially I deeply appreciate if the local website to the local based, must do their own strong brand, so users mentioned local websites will say you to the station site operators need to network station from the media perspective do, according to media operations, of course we are now the media is still very weak, we need to go there for a very long, but we will continue to explore the progress of

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