The comparison of the cooperation between the alliance and the Alliance Hotel of the tour website op

, you travel webmaster, everybody, I’m an ordinary travel webmaster, my website is travel people travel network, this website is online for a year. Like a lot of middle station, to learn SEO, do my best performance ranking, do Baidu second, in cooperation with the travel agency is to earn a little money, but to see Baidu look, from time to time will be K, no ranking, means that no flow, it can not be converted into money.

in the face of the ferocious financial crisis, webmasters survival of the impact. Here I just want to talk about my travel network, how to flourish in this winter, and give the tourism website a little inspiration:

with the way the customer as a friend and I, let me add, with the way the hotel can be divided into source code, said, I was half believe and half doubt because it is free to download, source code, and then uploaded to the space to myself, so I did. Then one day, when I almost forget the time Hotel Alliance, where net customer service dialogue with my QQ, but also to the hotel where the source to my space, I thought, it is free, do not need a penny, then quickly agreed, but also did not want to. Too much, upload to their own space. I live with almost half of cooperation alliance, which with the way the hotel alliance, let me summarize a lot of experience and experience, hope to more tourism website long some inspiration and help you get rid of the long-term station without income situation:

1. Commission bonus:

everybody cares most about returning Commission bonuses. Where to return commission bonus is really good, generally between 12-40, but the same process returns Commission bonuses are generally 5-20, really cheap poor. Let’s see which hotel you live in is equivalent to 2 rooms in the same process. I intercepted a map of the same hotel compared to the Commission:

Where does




same course:


the same hotel where the Commission is 16, the same process is 9.8, a difference of 6.2. I’m just going to give you an example.

2. background user interface:

where the background using the interface, is very rich, updated in real time, as long as the hotel guests in your website, the background will immediately show that booking information, where customer information processing is also very fast, generally in 15 minutes will handle your order status will change from processing for processing. Where can I stay at any time to check X months X number of people, has been in the order, processing orders, guests did not order, telephone cancellation orders.


same process backstage use interface, really dare not flatter, too succinct, >