My experience of sharing millions of traffic experiences two

‘s first article introduces a four point innovation of millions of traffic, and proposes four changes to the traditional website operating model:

I. changes service mode (starting at A5, see:, aid=202274),

ii. change charging mode

III. change advertising mode (omitted)

IV. changes user experience

This article will focus on the

with second points: the change of ii. pricing model, which is the focus of the core website profit but also for the vast number of concern, but also with the change of service mode and built, only to change the service, in order to change the charges.

in China Unicom operators support, change the service mode, through the mobile phone conveniently and can be combined to complete, if you do not see the first article, this article will refer to the guide service fee model. We also take our web site talent network as an example, in fact, these four changes apply to all types of websites, that is, to provide users with the core services.

two, change the charging mode:

traditional charging model is monthly membership system, through different monthly service charge different monthly fees, different services mainly through restrictions on the number of resume downloads and publishing jobs. Described above, the charging mode will let many enterprises have concerns, do not know the talent pool and the recruitment effect, especially for small businesses, can only recruit a person, spend a few hundred dollars, many are not put in, so in the charging mode, for small and medium enterprises, push out special charging mode —- mobile phone micro payment.

as Unicom’s website, the combination of payment and mobile phone makes our payment more convenient. The specific charging mode is the enterprise to resume screening, in addition to resume contact information, open to all enterprises, enterprises can select resume, Clockwork SMS through the system back to the mobile phone verification code to view the job seekers contact, Download resume. Each SMS receives a small fee.

is the first service outstanding after paying for business philosophy, post jobs no longer charge, free distribution jobs, unrestricted free registration of enterprises, as long as through the audit (verify the authenticity, ensure that the registration of true and reliable information can be released). The monthly user is no longer limited resume downloads, no monthly users if fewer openings, you can download the resume by mobile phone, the maximum service needs of enterprises of all types, so that all enterprises can recruit talent needed.

The changed features of

: (please compare the previous, aid=202274)

1, the website can not only serve for monthly enterprises, but also for scattered Enterprises