Ordinary about QQ interim discussion group malicious promotion analysis


A recent

QQ temporary discussion group "is more and more crazy; because this way do not have to worry about as they are kicked in, do not have to worry about being and shielding as spam, do not have to worry about being black and so on; many" advantage "to make QQ more active" temporary discussion group". Whether it is webmaster, or Taobao sellers, including companies, enterprises, involving product sales, promotion is the top priority of each link. There are many ways to promote the network, the general friends are honest promotion, and realize the benefits are often slower, but persist in the end will be harvested. Not all network promotion will be down-to-earth to promote, and hope to quickly their website and product promotion out, so racking their brains to think of some "shortcut" out. The emergence of the QQ interim discussion group also helped these so-called "push hands" fire.

searched on the Internet, there are still QQ discussion group to promote this business, as well as QQ discussion group mass batch device. Profit, promotion of universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, is really a natural Nothing is too strange.; demand solutions, no wonder there are so many "temporary QQ discussion group" advertisement. Ordinary users can not stop, but also can not shield, can only accept this rogue style advertising. Ordinary group users can only opt out of the discussion group, but also opt out passively. I haven’t tried this kind of promotion, but how can it be imagined?.

below, we will analyze the consequences of malicious promotion by the QQ interim discussion group.

, a brand; brand is now fierce competition in the market economy in the industry accounted for the most favorable position; the temporary QQ group discussed the promotion of rogue will undoubtedly make people disgusted, want to establish a brand out of the question, on the other hand, even if is the brand, if the promotion will only reduce the brand effect, on their own brand.

two, economic benefits; advertising. It is in order to sell their products or services to make money; using the temporary QQ discussion group harassment propaganda, maybe just met the needs of the users of such products, you can earn a pen, but most of them are not needed, they see after that is particularly offensive these don’t need now is after the needs of the users, they are disgusted, after you need this product will be the time to consider your? Certainly not, so in the long run, today you pulled a customer, the loss is a group of customers.

three, destroyed the entire industry; after using the temporary QQ discussion group to promote your understanding of this product, let this industry people think this industry is not on the table " ", only to engage in "underground" work, the whole industry are likely to lose confidence in the industry; industry people see you this promotion, first of all you would think how this industry like gray industry, like a permit engraved chapter, only posted everywhere leather advertising, the final result is for the people in this industry have a feeling of contempt. < >