The road to profit for local portals


has a lot of local portals have good planning, but slow earnings, operating 1-2 years after no good results, will lose interest in operations, reduce investment, or even shut down. In particular, many individuals do not have enough funds to prop up the profits, you must quickly achieve profitability goals, you must change your mind.


local portal net profit model with merchant fee, discount Merchants Association membership card sales, page advertising, advertising alliance income, VIP membership fees, channel Title income, these forms we all know that we should adopt what kind of profit model? I think the key is to see what your advantage in


introduction: Zitong, located in the northwest of Sichuan basin, with an area of 1442 square kilometers, administer 32 villages and towns, 1 parks, 329 villages, 15 communities, 380 thousand of the total population, the county population of less than 100 thousand, more remote geographical conditions, economic backwardness. In this case, how is the website profitable?

Zitong people’s life website has been established for more than 3 years, and has made many wonderful and excellent activities. For example, donations for uremic patients, about more than 500 people participated in the donation of more than 10 thousand, also, the doors, windows, telephone, electric fan, energy saving lamp installation for his family, and sent the rice; Zitong TV station, Mianyang evening news, Sichuan online, and other domestic news media to "Zitong lives offering users love mood warm heart" reported sick farmers. At the end of this event, we passed the government issued a document to engage in the "lovely baby" selection activities, a large number of participants. Have a rich and colorful gathering of friends, every time the number of participants in more than 50 people, the participation of netizens to participate in activities, show the rich and colorful programs, get a lot of business sponsorship gifts, is popular in the local site, but the site has far-reaching influence, the large amount of manpower and material resources, has not brought to the site what income.


through many failed attempts, based on their own advantages, the establishment of the advertising department of Zitong life network, specializes in painting, portrait, name card and membership card making, carving, DM; using web connections, and understanding in the event of a large number of businesses to local businesses, making posters advertising offers a substantial discount and, they will free posters posted to the website. While reducing the cost of advertising businesses, it also brings us profits, but also reduces the cost of our own production of advertising entities. We have done a lot of three rounds of public service ads, and got the support of traffic police and city management. Three rounds in the street to our publicity at the same time, but also get business word-of-mouth propaganda, our website traffic flow, advertising revenue steadily.

through this advertising campaign, we planned the DM "Zitong life network information", attracted a large number of businesses to join. We charge low and send them to the website at the same time, reducing their cost and gaining more influence. With the increasing influence and popularity of the website, we have been working with local video ads to advertise each other