Talk about the routine website cycle of webmaster

stationmaster, stationmaster, what call stationmaster, railroad station also has stationmaster, the highest executor of the website also calls stationmaster. Now in recent years in the online most popular word, webmaster, you are the webmaster? You may see this feeling, I’m talking about a mess, you ability to look down, no endurance, skip it!


can be famous can have a few people in the road of the webmaster can make money? How much? Out of misunderstanding in the webmaster of the road and how many? In the two wandering how many, how many webmaster fall, how many webmaster stand up and go, that firm owners of the road to walk generally know, over the Internet, eat worse than pig, go to sleep later than the dog….. This sentence, when you see this sentence, and can think of what, but just want to in this way for a "Li" word, if you really can do something for everyone, as if…. In fact, I am not so noble, it is not possible for others,

the past is past, the webmaster Comrades put their ideas to release some when you really want to be famous, not necessarily to be famous, when you are in the imperceptibly endeavor possible fame is you. This sentence, not necessarily right, but must be justified, their own goals and ideals put down, or in a little, try to do so, not for the immediate benefit to you by, when go to the station road you are on the road to their increased a river, the river can last nine out of ten. ? yourself to, nonsense, do not speak, this time into the business.

I analyze the future route

webmaster, if say to his family, to the top, if not good, you also don’t cuss. Thanks for the


1. The first point, we have a website called webmaster, is wrong, don’t think you have a web site, you can call the webmaster. Why? Think for yourself.

2. The future of the station, and there are creative ideas, and their continued efforts can be to the owners of the road, when you go to a lot of people would not naturally come to your website, find people want something, you have this station to be useful, you also can say is true the webmaster. But it doesn’t always make money.

3. Now the league is too much, do not do a website, when the webmaster, do coalition chaos, advertising chaos, and this is wrong. When you go to the website, it’s all about advertising. It’s possible that you’ll make a lot of money and you might ruin yourself. Come here first,