Non mainstream stations 2009 Where should we go

my has done more than four months, and wanted to wait for this PR update can get 3 – 4 pr value. No, I didn’t expect this update to be quite out of my expectation. I guess it was more than I expected.

QQ space station, non mainstream, network name, large-scale PR was cleared. We can go to Baidu, "QQ space code", Baidu ranked in the first page of the 10 stations, we can check their PR value. It was quite unexpected. Not 3, 4, 5, 6., and all 0. I am curious to check the Baidu search "non mainstream", "net name" checked the top ranking of the station, the results are mostly the same. PR is 0.

is it a mistake or a ban,


error, this aspect of PR update for a few days, no one mentioned. I don’t think so.

so GG in this kind of site to face? For this kind of site, I want a word can describe "more", I want to say that such sites, no who has any objection to it. How much? I don’t know. I don’t think so. It is said that there are as many as 10W. The degree of repetition of the content can be imagined.

2009, this kind of site how to go? PR no, the first problem should be encountered when the exchange of links lost a judgment index. Second, does GG have large-scale K stations, such as Baidu’s last large-scale K out of "Marx"? No one knows.

, of course, many webmasters might say, "go to GG K, K, what’s the big deal?". But who knows whether Baidu will change its face? No one knows.

fast Spring Festival, 2009 still insist on doing this kind of site, or ready to do friends, we really should think about "2009, we should go where?"