Why do many companies ignore website operations

With the development of

, the development of Internet, many enterprises have realized the enterprise website not only can be used as a display platform, at the same time, it can be regarded as a network marketing platform, can bring benefits into place, so rich and a marketing website. More and more enterprises begin to set up their own marketing websites, and everyone starts to pay attention to network marketing, but ignore the website operation, even say give up website operation, so why does this happen?


first, because of their own reasons, because the enterprise for web site operators does not know the depth, coupled with their own usually too lazy, think that the operation for the enterprise, the meaning of existence, the value is not high.

as everyone knows, the network marketing is the purpose of the enterprise brand, what is the purpose of website operation? For this problem, the construction site in Tianjin – the rate of scientific and technological small believe that many businesses are not fully answered, because of this, so that subjective website operation makes no sense at all, that most the company just set up a website. However, if you want to have your final drainage network marketing is almost to your enterprise website? But you don’t have the enterprise website operation, the user enters your website can only be disappointed, if you operate the enterprise website, so the user directly at your site, so as to realize the conversion.

second, really understand the website operation staff should all know, website operation is a long-term work, and optimize the SEO almost, and can not immediately see the effect, because the enterprise for a long time not to see gains, so many companies have chosen to give up the website operation.

as everyone knows, the ultimate aim is to build the website for profit, but the web site you want to profit, it is necessary to operation, however, website operation is an endurance work, if you can persist, then made the final effect is very objective, but many enterprises due to the short term can not see the effect, select the midway give up, which for the enterprise is a very serious loss, after all, is your enterprise website in the network portal, but also reflects the corporate brand image, if you have to join the Internet era thinking, get rid of website operation, if your site no operation, no effect of natural user experience too good.

finally, because website operation is a complex work that needs to be persisted for a long time, it must take a lot of time and money, and some companies give up because of lack of money or other reasons.

website operation work is very complex, a person can not fully qualified, it needs a professional team, specialized personnel for maintenance and operation, but always want to set up a professional operations team, the enterprise will need to spend some time and money, but some companies feel no need to spend so much money into the website operation so, give up operation. In addition, some enterprises >