Same webmaster why can’t more support and understanding

has just published an article entitled "CPS SEO combined monthly income of 10000 yuan is not difficult" article on ADMIN5. After dinner to see, there are actually more than 400 people visit here, there are a lot of people. Some of these messages are supportive, but some of them are unfriendly. Say I’m a fool.

I think we are all small webmaster, do stand very hard. ADMIN5 gave everyone a good platform for communication. No matter who I am, I hope I can find some friends who share the same mind and understand and support each other. Hard to do for a day, managed to find some time, and finally to knock a few hundred words wise remark of an experienced person. Many people are cold. What a pity!


it seems that after writing articles, you can not just say your own experience, but also some of the data listed. So that some people do not want to do your thinking, do not agree with your small model.

first let everyone see the results of the Beidou mobile phone promotion.


, look at the flow of my station:


hope everyone can find good friends on ADMIN5. We share and share. There is nothing secretive about the Internet age. This is an age of sharing, an age of innovation. I also hope I can find friends here. Everyone with the webmaster, we must support and understand each other!!!


my blog:, if possible, make a link. Thank you,