Only the content to do fine flow can really go up

school forum has been for a long time, before the station also read a lot about how to increase the flow of the post, learn a lot of things, but as the saying goes: practice, although I know something, but there are still blind spots, there are still some luck, recent things I really understand a truth: only the content of the website do fine, your site will have vitality, traffic is the attendant things.

let me introduce this forum I founded, he is our school’s Forum – wind Rhine River community, 06 years now has been relatively stable, the number of the members of the forum have increased steadily, people know the number of the members do not represent what things, just a representation of your site size. However, our advantage is that there are about 300 very active members in it, although members only tens of thousands of people, but once the amount of posting every day in more than 1000, because members of the activity is relatively high. The site’s traffic can basically maintain at 1500ip every day, very stable, but it has not improved greatly.

this time, I found that the amount of post is less and less, and this I recently did not have a direct relationship to the forum to do school publicity, forum to fresh blood to join in order to maintain evergreen, has recently been lax and the increase in membership is not much, in addition to advertising can not lead to strict control, disaster caused by flooding water station mass advertising, advertising is sometimes a skylight quantities can reach 200 posts, because our forum set exclusive advertising area, the idea is to release advertisement members to facilitate a ban is not very harmonious, so there is a good start advertising pages because, advertising can bring certain flow to a certain extent, but with the increase of the amount of ads, I found that the registered members began in the other version of the area to begin the hair advertising. Still can manage, take the practice of moving posts to the advertising area, and later because of the amount of advertising is too large, and some stay in other version of the district. At that time, I did not realize the danger of advertising. Recently, I found that fewer and fewer posts were posted in the forum, and the traffic declined, which made me feel a sense of crisis.

through careful analysis, I found that because of the financial crisis, many enterprises have chosen online to promote their business, so the recent advertising especially, and the recent illegal advertisement more, because of this we have also been closed forum once, decreased the flow is the main forum has two aspects question:

1. advertising flooding, seriously affected the development of the forum, affecting the enthusiasm of members posting;

2. forum posts decline in quality, forming a vicious circle;

3. forum management is relatively loose, members do not regulate to bound, do not cherish their own id

for these three issues, we have made a series of adjustments to the Forum:

1. registration link: