What kind of station does new stationmaster do to earn living expenses

what kind of station does new stationmaster do to earn living expenses?


many newcomers will ask such a question? Of course, the same purpose, is to make money, but what kind of station? This is an eternal but no one can answer the question systematically? Look at the website program on the market very much, and even can be said to be unprecedented prosperity: CMS, WEB2.0, the classification of information, blog, forum, micro-blog, XX customers, industry B2B, vertical industry websites and so on procedures, everything, that can make money, but in the end can not make money, may only do people would know, the light Taobao customer program A Zhen, to teach you a good analysis, what the


if you’re going to use Baidu Search: make money what website, then there will be a lot of information, there are a lot of master paper, give new suggestions and so on, what SEO, the orientation of the website, content is king, the chain for the emperor, the original information, web page layout, the user experience, the bounce rate etc.. But what is certain is that these are dogmatic things. If everyone does it in this way, is it really possible to make money? The answer must be No. Really make money, then China does not exist poor people, so do it, like a production line on the line, right?


actually, plan your business model.

we do stand in the beginning, we must take into account the key factor is what is the site of the future business model? What is said is simple profit model? Then simply, what you want is how to make money through this website, where money, who make money, through which way to make money and who will be your money with which service object, you can earn money from others, and what people give you money, if you ask, no exact answer, you can first stop, multi analysis, think.

second, think of the site’s money model, do not blame yourself.

had to admit that for most people, even if he wanted to, even if he wanted to break his head, he wouldn’t be able to come up with anything. If you do not think, do not blame yourself, you know, Ma Huateng Zeng Jing want to sell three hundred thousand QQ, so a person who has suffered such a tragedy, there have been such worries, why should we blame


three, locate our identity and production plan.


website is a commercial activity, a lot of people think the site is a live, but in fact, any one site is a commercial activity, for our webmaster, we are self-employed, can also be called a sole proprietorship enterprise. But now that is to do business, it must follow some basic rules of the game, simply, is to set a goal, and make a proper plan to implement, that is to say we should scientifically make money, scientifically dealing with the target and plan our.

four, it’s important to set goals and plans scientifically.