Mo Xiang Mega analysis of the significance for the promotion of soft webmaster

is pleased to enter the ranks of the owners, owners can be said to be hard, but it is also a relatively modern occupation, everyone in their own dreams for investment promotion, the author also understand a half understand, see many webmaster for the original extreme self-confidence in the A5 forum, then there share this on soft Wen promotion for webmasters the meaning of article, let everyone know only do what results will do, will progress.

first: soft text promotion is beneficial to the site of the chain and keyword promotion,

would you have to know the role of the soft, here I do not want to say too much, because some things are very old, too much will be tired, the first point is mainly about the chain website the benefits mentioned here some methods for your selection, as advocated the webmaster to share their the experience of the experience of finishing as an article, then to contribute, each original article tail can take an address, a good article than some webmaster to each big BBS to irrigation is much better, there are many ways to create the chain, the author advocates the use of soft like articles the submission, and other websites, the chain has more than direct money to let others do the chain is much better, and some soft level good webmaster can also be appropriate in the CIC Into their own keywords, so reprinted will be more valuable, but at the same time should pay attention to quantity, avoid keywords set more, audit not through.

second: shaping the brand than to build a powerful flow more development value

although the author is not Internet veteran, but for some things still have their own opinion, the discussion about the most is Hot Blog, celebrity, this is everybody concerned, but do you understand these Hot Blog, celebrity growth, others are what the irrigation to the forum every day, I think not, as some well-known IT blog, like Tang Shijun, Moonlight blog and so on, people every day is about two feet in time to write an article to share yesterday, Mo Xiang Mega looked under the Moonlight blog, others are working during the day, night writing, so we are not afraid of no brand out of traffic, traffic or very good, I have read some blog articles when Tang Shijun just building, sofa still, but still every day to write an article, this is the long hair The needs of the development, brand building is a long-term thing, and the shape is cost effective, you may wish to think about or see some on the Internet in various fields now, they are concerned about the development or a direction, insist on writing insist on writing, insist on tourism tourism.

third: the achievement of a connotation and charm of the webmaster plays an important role

Mo Xiangzhao because of write text and know a lot of friends in the same battle on the Internet, including some celebrities, but also through their own articles received an unexpected harvest, by writing articles to shape their own personality. "