Taobao customers encountered upstream difficulties bottlenecks out of the way analysis


customers in recent years began to decline dramatically the honor is completely has its founder caused by hand, can be said that the development of Taobao customer is also Ali, Ali also. Because before the exposure of a mom will be some Taobao customers cost completely block, and the Taobao customer commission as a bonus returned to the merchant, and the cause of this situation, the key is because some way off the contact Taobao Alibaba met the bottom line, there are either cheating leads to Ali’s anger. Forced open or become Ali flow stopper by ali.

said the beautiful and the experience of is Ali forced liquidation results, after Ali APP completely block others, even traffic to these sites how powerful, but can not get Taobao’s Commission, believe that any Taobao customer oriented website can survive. Since Ali began to restrict Taobao off behavior, is not that the Taobao customer future is not the direction of development, the answer is negative, as long as they are not harmful to the Taobao traffic entrance, can bring profits for Taobao business operations is also being touted, important method below these two aspects is the operational direction out of the bottleneck.

is the first to look for opportunities in the mobile Internet, known as the future of the Internet is mobile Internet world, since Taobao wants to develop mobile Internet mobile Internet, so essential to Taobao customers based on the fact that many mobile Internet APP software, introduced the Taobao customer code, the user enters through the Taobao Mobile phone software. We can obtain the corresponding commission.

but because Ali is sensitive, so if some applications become the entrance of mobile Internet traffic, often using the shielding strategy, one of the important measures to shield WeChat is Ali, so according to the operation strategy of Ali, since want to engage in APP, or content based Taobao customers, can not let Ali feel threatened. Their operations do not flow to the entrance direction, otherwise Taobao off the road is no play! But for most of the webmaster, if it can bring their mobile phone application made traffic entrance, then Taobao off on their own also have what attraction, Taobao can shield WeChat, WeChat actually can also shield Taobao a flow entrance, relying on Taobao guest life is obviously a very sad thing.

second can look for opportunities from the Taobao customer forum community, of course, now from the beautiful like and Taobao customer interactive community is still not, but this idea also can continue after all, now a lot of local community and portal websites and forums and can not pose a threat to Taobao’s traffic entrance, opposite from the flow of import to as the auxiliary sources of Ali, so through this part of the site for Taobao customers, there are still some promising.

, on the one hand, as these communities, the site itself can intervene in the operation of some Taobao customers, such as the establishment of certain interactive pages to guide some users