Meat beauty can do stand experience to content flow experience

today because of not go to the network, so I want to share more of their own two years of standing experience, the length of a bit long, but the article will be some novice friends need things. I’m sure I’ll be able to do something to keep reading this article. My article "please update the site as a kind of enjoyment" in an article, mentioned some links on me, interested friends can take a look, because I want to find some websites such as cooperative links, beauty station QQ station, welcome to my


said, "beauty stand this topic, maybe many webmaster now for fear of avoiding.". Some time ago, CCTV has been reporting on the Internet campaign vulgarity, the Google porn door events and coming in 60th anniversary in Daqing, the Internet did not know how many sites will be harmonious, but at the moment I talk about beauty station! Not wind the waves


actually I think not, you do not talk about beauty station will want to fly, will think of a CMS collection of a lot of beautiful leg stockings breast what picture! Began an audit in the boundless. In fact, I think the "acquisition" this thing now and then may be the same and "dump" this noun, in stationmaster net in this group is slowly forgotten! These technologies in the Internet, as a symbol of the era of network or mark or will slowly be eliminated. Finally, still insist on the webmaster industry Comrades in years and younger people may talk about his young age is against the "dump" and "acquisition technology" shook the battlefield.

what I want to talk about today is some of the methods and experiences I’ve been using recently to do beauty stations. Case with what I’m doing now a MM beauty blog, followed by the title also related to Taobao women’s keywords, but also want to avoid something sensitive. And I think the addition of these words will widen the road for the future development of the website.

first I think beauty station location is very important, you want to do like porn May day, such as the xiao77 color word, or do actress sister, so the word edge stockings, or difficult beauty, the words surrounding MM. Choosing what to do might determine the future direction of your site, or determine how far your website can go in a search engine. My advice is not to do the edge, sensitive, pornographic, illegal words, so you can go farther. Why? Don’t look at those words, the huge flow of ranking sit up difficulty aside, I in this year have seen many such words ranking is not easy to sit down after one or two months of direct sight examples. And I used to "porn May day" the word ranking done Links in second, third around the station, although his station is doing this super color words, may grasp the scale of the total picture is very good, is all some non mainstream beauty, is also lovely beauty O (a _ U) ~ O so, it is not illegal.

station traffic is high, the word Baidu index used to be 10>