Chinese Web2 0 orange red

    SNS is on fire again. Recently, on the one hand, to have won the National 863 project "intelligent information content analysis method of" massive "technical backbone of the company together with the network as the representative of SNS, there are a lot of start-ups have come out, even for the development of Chinese Kang Sheng innovation forum system launched directly and is very similar to Facebook the Chinese SNS station system -U Center; on the other hand, the major portals represented by Sina, a comprehensive SNS horizon — personal space in real time and reflect the personal page of the friend dynamic commands under, original the gateway of the blog, forum, the circle is the rapid integration, a strong interpersonal interaction system has scale. For a while, SNS seemed to be the darling of the industry.

along with the hot SNS platform, all kinds of Web2.0 classic applications also renewed youth. Over the past few years, those who have been fresh, excited, and ultimately failed to become "killer" applications, and now slowly become China’s "Internet" standard". Blogs, albums, friends, circles…… Even the IM field, which was previously thought to have high barriers, is coming along with the entry of 51 and Baidu. The earliest found in the update "little sun" tag MSN space, now already flashing in many websites, and now if there is no SNS system of space visitors picture list, "you feel shy out and say."

let many industry for years for the Web2.0 era, seems to finally "orange red". Perhaps we should be glad that God’s favor, the "time" finally arrived; perhaps we should sum up the soil, air, water, food, climate, what kind of "ecosystem" in the end, so orange so red?

said the "system", because in the past the summary, we always used to history is summed up as "spiral", and the "spiral" of the matter, it is often interpreted as "time" is a mystic who rely on similar, can not say the day broke character the entire market explosion, ripe for exactly how long.

Another example is the "overestimation – underestimation" of

technology. The law says is that the new function, a lot of new technology is always overvalued at the beginning stage of its meaning; then found the actual effect is not so revolutionary, input and output is not proportional, so they become chicken ribs, was all the way until underestimated; one day in time to return to a reasonable position. The same law can be used to describe Web2.0, but it also sums up the phenomenon, but does not reveal the law.

maybe we should come up with orange planting farmer of momentum, study what is China Web2.0 maturing behind the "system"?

I believe that since the development of Internet, the preservation and reorganization of information is the most basic application element of various Internet business models. From the point of view of knowledge management, the knowledge of Internet users (>