Guo Yeye analysis of some personal opinions in network marketing

has been learning network marketing methods, using the most is soft Wen promotion and website ranking network promotion form. The website has a good ranking on the search engine, and a small number of customers will come to visit it. I think the correct way to network marketing should be for different enterprises to develop different promotion strategies. Not all of the enterprises engaged in network marketing is suitable, "to have electronic commerce, electronic commerce, or no business can" in the "electronic commerce" does not necessarily mean fully on the Internet network marketing.

network marketing explains a lot, and professional strong. I have been inconsistent with the traditional marketing techniques and explanations of the article because I think excessive learning, previous routines will imprison ideas. So it channels, each time to the time will stop, then think about why this way doesn’t work. Therefore, I have taken many detours and learned more experience. Has been in the network for the promotion of this industry in Wuhan network marketing, in my capital license, and strive to do as the case, I have a circle on the internet. I sell products, is the Hubei region Baidu promotion, in Baidu’s regional keywords ranking is very good, but to find my customers are still very few. Baidu index long tail keywords theory, QQ group, and many ways I have tried, and even used mass software, the effect is not obvious. Baidu platform before the birth of Aladdin, the site of the natural ranking of the first, but also bring some business, Aladdin formally launched, the business is much worse.

so Guo Yeye began looking for new ways to conduct Internet marketing. I don’t want to use traditional telemarketing to sell because I’ve been doing this for years. Since the choice of the new road, we must go on, choose the network, it is necessary to network marketing dig in the end. A5 is a very good platform for carrying. If the A5 is recommended to the home page, will be reproduced many of the beginning I have set a goal, since the rankings are excellent for promotion to good results, writing for a long time, and A5 has a lot of my Baidu promotion related articles, name: Guo Yeye. Later, Baidu promotion can not write anything, it stopped.

in fact, during that time, crazy writing soft Wen, in addition to bringing me more network marketing communicators, not with any customer to promote cooperation, but did a lot of high quality web site outside the chain. From the Internet up to consult Baidu, promotion of customers is relatively small, Baidu promotion itself is not high index, plus geographical restrictions keywords ranking index is lower. The number of enterprises in Hubei and Wuhan is small, and most enterprises do not attach much importance to network promotion. Recall that I joined several jobs before Hubei Baidu, although the company scale is not small, but rarely interested in the network, the website that make it, also spent a lot of money, especially in some institutions.

I’ve been trying to write articles, similar enterprises can see little chance, even see, and may not understand, >