Local forum from the site to enhance popular experience sharing

since the DZ, phpwind, mobile and other forums program, the site is as simple as taking pictures with a fool camera. Forums are mushrooming. How to gather popularity, seize the user, than the opponent to achieve better search rankings, has become a forum every day webmaster concerns. With a webmaster to focus on the popularity of the operation of the forum, a large number of webmaster planning came out, and some people have entered the planning and operation of the ranks. But this is a minority, while the majority of owners especially the local forum webmaster is jianglangcaijin. Homogenization page design, content copied everywhere, full of vest users and overwhelming advertising, became the local forum webmaster heart.

in the disorderly I have a good plan, originally just want to try it, but before doing not want to translate good follow-up and profit, but in the course of the operation I found a little feeling, and rewarding, now out to share with you.

1, website name and domain name

first, the premise, first from the name of the site, domain name selection and content positioning. Do not underestimate the choice of domain names and station names. If a local forum calls a local name, it will lose the opportunity to compete with competitors. I’ll talk about my fine road, and I hope it will help you. I am from Zhangjiakou. Zhangjiakou is a small city in the north of Hebei. Our forum is located in the Zhangjiakou area. We should do a good job of community service and be a regional forum for culture and life. So we chose the Zhangjiakou community network full of living atmosphere and intuitive station name, select city Pinyin initials and the number 521 as the domain name —-zjk521, it can be convenient for local user memory.

two, develop publicity plan

site to have good visibility, inseparable from the local market operations, like a dozen years ago, waiting for users to come home, relying on small groups to maintain the forum heat has been no good. When wine is sweet, it fears the depth of the alley. Therefore, the forum must be suitable for local culture publicity methods. Have a chat and a cousin, he learned to run at the University of peripheral "coupons", only for the consumption of the students often store such as noodle, Internet cafes, billiard hall and so on, and formed a good influence on the students, then he will pull behind leaflets advertising sponsorship coupons, not light offset printing and labor costs, and also make a lot of living expenses. Through his work, I was deeply inspired, feel that as long as the specific scope of the formation of influence methods are effective publicity on the site, but also commercial value publicity.

three, the implementation of propaganda planning

so I will be in Zhangjiakou local university running from the surrounding "coupons", first we went to the store and get a dozen dozen discount merchandise, I want to do is recent activity sites in the leaflets printed on the back of the coupon, because this coupon for students is very practical.