Grasp the high quality content of the site is very important

grasp the content of the site is very important:

1, high quality content can form a good link bait chain

this is very clear, there are public friends all know when the results reproduced the original article and respect the copyright of the work of author, for example, the mainstream beauty car, playing the self from non mainstream era (, please retain the copyright information, according to the author of the declaration and transfer rules. Such a turn can form a bait chain that lasts.

2, high-quality original content of the search engine by all the welcome,

all search engines like to include high quality, high knowledge content, and the latest page. This is also the search engine in charge of their own, to achieve the purpose of winning and competitors, this in some social focus of the emergence of the show is particularly evident.

3, high-quality content, users of the page sticky force

A lot of

site IP and PV almost flat, while SEO is doing well, but the lack of viscosity, resulting in visitors ultimately can only be a passer-by, will come and go, do not take a cloud. This site is very tired, no viscosity, SEO alone in the search engine makes the page get good rankings, then each page to get fixed IP and fixed PV? This is a very unwise SEO strategy, why would those pages with processing, making cute, then in SEO, I’m afraid not only better effect of SEO type multi number.