A grassroots webmaster of the three site experience

a lot of people asked me if I was cheated on the Internet, I said basically no, the only thing is to do web site, let people cheat 2 times. Once is online, once or around?. I think this is not just the use of network deception, in fact, more performance in the current site people, a more common state. It seems that they eat by technology, otherwise they eat more on their mouths. The production site opened, although it may be relatively easy, but I think I like this object using the Internet to do business or to promote their own network and do not understand how the site is still a reference point.

first time to do a website, at that time I was still at work, amateur made a slimming products. So I want to make a website about losing weight. The name is "thin". Now what is this site called Nantong dating site?. Depressed ah, because my space has been sold to the site of the people.. This young man is from Jiangsu, there are 3 on Taobao, and that is his free production site, but hope to buy from him the domain name and space. I asked him what he was doing for it. He said he wanted a sense of achievement. I felt awe at that time! Is a hot blooded youth. So the money remitted to him, space and domain name fee 260 yuan, I said I want a forum, but also I 200 yuan. As a result, we must have expected, I did not pay the money to do it! Wrong! He really gave me a do, probably used a free template, but he did not even give me the background management. But at that time, I didn’t know there was such thing as backstage management. I thought I could do all the things I wanted to express. He always said he was busy, and he would teach me slowly, and hoped that I would give him a good first. I really got a good opinion. It was not long before I could find the old man. My 560 yuan also bought a lesson for me, let me in the future web site must not be on the Internet looking for! And there is their own website, how to become a real site of their own?. There is no written agreement on the network, so there is no certainty about the ownership of the site.

second websites. Summed up the last lesson, I’m doing "should buy" when you find a local. Look at his appearance, I feel that people are more honest (a lot of women are feeling, but too much time just feeling is not enough), and then exchange the idea of making the site, he will hurry me to do. In the process of communication, I feel that he has always been for enterprises to do web site, online shopping mall is not familiar with. Of course, I don’t understand. Later, he showed me the template of an online shopping mall, which was specially designed for online shopping. External price is 940 yuan, they take agent price also want 460 yuan, see in the friend’s share, also see in my poor portion, cheap give me 600 yuan, help me make good. This time I signed the agreement and paid him half the bill in advance. Thanks to the agreement, he added 200 yuan when he gave me the website and taught me the admin of the website. Say I have too many pictures, it is 20 yuan to upload a picture. Halo! I said, "this way, you’ll have this later!"