Current situation and future development prospects of small game websites

I remember when I was in school, I wrote a small game on the article, only vaguely remember a little strange to say, I write the article is difficult to persevere, such as Baidu technology to improve query related news to prove, or understand the relevant content to your article is perfect and even write what can not remember, I have to say is a failure, I was in the doldrums, but in the course of time has become my style, sometimes only a partial inspiration, sometimes feel that God knows nothing but McCain so much, just like the, I say still reply headache.

game is the eternal theme of entertainment, before the game is not how to spend money, buy a box of chalk, hopscotch, or buy what a group of people playing jump rubber band, some do not even spend money, remember childhood friend and companion, just near the remote location of the woods and bumpy the debris trails, go to the exploration, then made the park, often perspiration comes down like raindrops in the sun, but the older, not in front of the children’s faces in the park jumpsies —- especially when I was a man…… In the course of time, become adults, the game into a racing game, play big tip, fighting Doudi Zhu, some time some beautiful games also swept the entire dormitory, unfortunately I can’t play mahjong, but can not understand my wife and mom and dad four Ma on the table, and fast the rhythm of life can’t find so much idle panic partner, electronic game has become the best choice.

may consider network game at home, busy time will consider WEBGAME, time on the subway in addition to reading novels movies can also play mobile phone games, lying in bed. (of course, I have not TT), it can not access the huge single resource and dizzying, small game with electronic money also increasingly commercialized, the number of people still see today.

this is a very large market, like the daily necessities of life, consumers are faced with the majority of the innocent public, not respected money enterprise which is more Ruyu, small game it’s sales can be very wide – although it is not too much, but a small game in the world sales of tens of millions of sets is very striking, so there are a lot of companies are involved, the domestic enterprise is remarkable, single words, have fallen from the wind to Daewoo, Hong Yu, the old game player has witnessed these domestic game brilliant business (in fact I am very do not understand why Daewoo Xian continued until the four, Chinese D version is not very rampant…… ).

they are Chinese game player pride is Chinese game player proud memory, in online games, a good game giant journey has once been commendable praise PCGG independent research and development of excellent, while the Chinese boat crystal iron door also can not help themselves (really quite good, especially the FS model. They do a very lovely…… ) and WEBGAME is more, multi collar >