Doughty hundreds of members of the web site earn nearly 10000 a month

hundreds of members of the website also earn nearly 10000 a month. Do you believe me? To tell you the truth, I don’t believe it. Yes, that’s true. – no, but a friend changed my mind with facts. This friend used to be in Xi’an, now in Shanghai. I was in Shanghai last week, and this week I had a meal, chat, talk about it, this friend:

1, has sold a domain name to a portal, the domain name is now known to all, is a gateway to the main product. The price is not high, sold tens of thousands. This is the first pot of gold.

2, before, this guy in a company that everyone knows the name of the work, the ability is also very good. But anyone has ambitions or ideals, he’s going to do it alone,

3, the most depressed time, he was almost penniless,

4, the type of website he’s doing, I’m sure many people here are doing it, or doing

5, he went to Shanghai after half a year to buy a house, 1 years and bought a car. Say more: he didn’t have much savings when he traveled from Xi’an to Shanghai.

why? He can, why can’t we? Or a lot of friends are saying, what is his website? Sorry, I don’t want to say, in fact, may see this quite a few people have done this type of website, or give up! I have done, but to give up the.

this friend is dependent on the ability to eat, I admire. Previously, some of his employees have begun to do it alone, and their incomes have been good. I’m a little bit:

1, operation. The site is for operation, not OK. I believe that many webmaster network friends and outdated MJJ are done just forget me now? My first few domain, several space do not know, anyway, see quite a long list…… Of course, there is not so much energy to maintain so much, isn’t it? And operation requires brains and courage. A lot of times, I don’t feel confident, but in fact, there are opportunities. Do technical, often thinking is very narrow, often limited to GGAD, Ali MM here, to tell the truth, depending on this, you can make a few money? After Baidu pulled you, how to do?


2, single-minded. This friend only does one kind of website, yes, very single. Not even a bit of extra information. I see a lot of this kind of website and blog, hanging is open forum, yeah, after you open these, you battle the proportion has decreased, isn’t it? Most of the time, the site attracts people is so little, especially the industry website, don’t think too much, too much, Jane a simple one, on the line.

3, investment. After promising, immediately start. Many of my friends are in consideration of the space where the cheap consider just one or two months, said bluntly: you an hour a day to consider your loss this space than money! Look, act immediately! A lot of things, the time difference is so little, step by step early action early harvest. The premise, of course, is >