Do what you know when you are a station

is a novice webmaster, do stand in the first consideration, consider what you are familiar with, but not to blindly follow the trend, what kind of stand do what kind of station, because not familiar with you, so in the end will only cause you to fail. Now many people say industry website promising, so many webmaster learned to do industry website, but mostly blindly follow the trend of the industry! How much do you want, my own understanding of this industry in the site before? You thought I know in the industry field has? Many well done the webmaster is familiar to the industry, and to establish such a site, the preliminary data collection time is long, just do not all of a sudden. Of course, there is in this industry friends, they have their own advantages, because of their work in this industry, understanding of this aspect are many, so their website is popular


industry website, the current Internet environment, there is still hope, but we have to do fine, so, we have to spend a lot of time to study all the circumstances of this industry. Familiar with, mastered, and then start.

actually do any website are the same, no matter what the website, we’d better choose their own familiar things, because the Internet is too competitive, we must try to put your own familiar to our website, to what is their original. When we are familiar with some things, then we put ourselves on the liberation of this aspect, so that is original, original is very simple, is to see how you grasp. Some people say that the collection of things back to change the title, change the first 200 words within the text, become their own. I don’t advocate this approach, although this method is sometimes very effective, many people may say that I sb, but I still insist on their own views, their stuff is always their own things, something else is always something else.

no matter what website, I hope everyone is a hand built the original things, no matter for you, for me, to search on the Internet, is good, even if someone stole something from us, our stuff is always original, we are the author you despise what! A lot of love to copy others stand on the shameless person of many things, we are able to learn.

summarise: do stand, to do their own things, the development of the site and are good for their own development, my (I love jewelry community) is established in such circumstances. I hope and myself, do their own industry station webmaster exchanges: qq988620