How to do the preliminary work of Taobao customers

on Taobao off many articles, now for some people, earning thousands or even million is no longer what a miracle. I have just joined the Taobao customers, learned a lot of Taobao customers knowledge, with some of their views on this model.

look at some statistics today in the Taobao customer community, User Research Report from screenshot took a month to complete, the makeup category has the very big promotion space reflects the comparison of the two diagrams, you want to improve the amount of promotion now, recommended to choose the demand for cosmetics, feel this is a breakthrough, sunscreen, moisturizing, whitening, make-up in the promotion season… What are you waiting for




decided to do Taobao, is at a friend’s birthday party, he began to open shop in Taobao in 06 years, when the guest just launched, he joined Taobao, now every passenger income 350 yuan. It’s a real envy for me when I was just over 20. The main reason that influenced me was, of course, the temptation to earn a million dollars a month (my current salary was only more than 1000 a month). I think if the guest can earn so much money, I am not happy dead? Have a naive idea, good wishes, I embarked on the road of amoy.

but I believe we are more concerned with, or how to do Amoy, below we share some of their guest experience. I hope we can help.

first, how to choose good to promote the single product


believes that the first choice of many people at the beginning of the Tao do is single product promotion. I think I should pay attention to three points in the choice:

1, to choose hot goods. Some people may pursue high commission goods, which I don’t think is advisable. Commission is too high commodity, not necessarily good goods, and not hot commodity also often encounter promotion, midway connection failure and other problems, so that he is equal to do useless work. If you sell goods, there is no purchase record, then the promotion of the transaction probability will be greatly reduced. And sales of large commodities, commodity connections will be relatively stable, but also can give buyers a good reference.

2, choose the season’s most suitable goods. For example, it is almost summer now, and you are still promoting cotton padded clothes. It must be hard to deal with.

3, promotion of single products must not only send merchandise connection. There may be some friends in Amoy connection group, or to promote the news of the outbreak. This kind of blunt advertisement is very difficult to have effect, even can cause everybody’s repulsion. Therefore, friends who like to do this advertisement pay attention to it. If you want to advertise, you must be tactful. There are some friends in space advertising, this is very good, but many people just directly in the space to send several Ali mom’s merchandise connections and commodity titles, but there is no explanation of the text, so <