see the CMS website sina com cn revision Fage in two words or three

Sina revision, which was once the most respected of all Chinese websites "veteran" level portal, and finally opened her new thing to the bosom.

in fact, Sina has been China’s technology team leader, as early as the last century, in 90s, led by the introduction of CSS standardization, has been taught by various teaching materials and WEB standards team for better singing.

, then the Sina micro-blog team (, has also made great achievements in several areas including big data processing and cloud computing.

and I know other team members (such as white kiosk – one of the Sina virtualization data members due to privacy is not much publicity, but I for its exquisite network technology and virtual management ability admired unceasingly. ) and also have high technical ability.

Sina has not been revised for a long time. The first is the result of the huge bureaucracy of sina enterprise. Two is the impact of various departments, and three is also driven by market and economic goals.

well, as the chief architect of the Zoomla! CMS zhulang, years of struggle experience in website development and WEB, dare not say how high their ability, but there is always a vision of their own, I talk about the understanding of several major revision: Sina

understanding 1: extending from 950 to wider resolution

says it’s funny, but people have to think about a real problem:

if it’s revised, where will our ads go,


so Sina has long been the width of the frame in the 950px, which has even become a standard in the industry.

one day a small boss said: Fage, my site to do a little wide, how could you do such a narrow

?Fage: boss, we

this wide wide is not unlimited, you see people Sina, is 950, we are according to the Sina standard to do.

boss: Oh, that’s OK. Follow Sina. You’re right. The leaders are on Sina. Look at the news.

and 950px have a nickname: Sina wide. designed for 950px benefits is obvious, in the 1024 display resolution, each about a small advertising, the operator will say: do not underestimate the two advertising, bring us income can be more than a little, if there is no advertising, we rely on what life?

‘s new Web2.0 site are no longer advertising, especially, said these beautiful platform, almost no separate "dedicated" advertising, put content in them, which shows the essence of the operation, that is:

you don’t have to have a lot of ads. The core of content is the website’s operation center.

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