Brief analysis steps and skills for enterprises to release chain posts in Baidu Post Bar

, whether it is editing the original article or do the chain, we do optimization, the ultimate goal is to let the website keywords in Baidu have a better income and ranking, so as to bring profits to the enterprise. Outside chain release is the key. As everyone knows, the platform of the chain resources is undoubtedly the best Baidu products, but for Baidu products we can not start, can not stop. Well, how do we publish the company in Baidu post bar,


1, registered Baidu Post Bar account, search you want to establish Baidu stick it keywords, landing bar.

used to be easy in Baidu Post Bar hair link, and later Baidu in order to strengthen the post bar function of a maintenance, junk advertising and the chain can not put up randomly. Therefore, we can register more than a few posts account, to prevent an account to do the chain, was Baidu deleted, there are other accounts to do backup. After landing Baidu Post Bar account, we search in the search box, interested in the stick keyword, pay attention to enter the bar. As follows:



if your search has not yet opened we can create a new post, the steps are as follows:



note: from the SEO point of view, love asked the network hope that when you create a new post bar, as long as possible in the long tail keywords.

two, into the post bar, do not worry about releasing the chain

because Baidu’s new registration of the post bar account audit strictly, according to your early release of the post to determine your intention to register accounts. If you just registered to a post bar account, you immediately send the chain, then there is no doubt that the title was directly. Because you are doing so obvious, that is, directly to the Baidu post bar advertising. Therefore, for new accounts, we can use 4-5 days in the post bar reply to other people’s posts, improve the level of the post bar account.

three, post, notice the main points,

1., you want to release the content of the post, must be around you pay attention to the post bar and expansion. If you want to post a post in the post box, then you must write around the box and don’t issue any irrelevant posts. Otherwise, it will soon be deleted, or even cancel your permission to paste it.

The title of the

2.. Post cannot be more than 32 words. The title is attractive and contains key words that attract the attention of other owners. With us to do SEO article editor a reason, in Baidu post bar post title is best not to exceed Baidu search box maximum characters, otherwise part of the title of the text will be intercepted, does not show. The title can refer to some network hot words, or add some symbols.

3., the content of the post is best original and pseudo original, the content does not involve Post Bar prohibited items, and advertising intentions are not too obvious. Some people go to their own posts to promote their websites