The life process of an amateur stationmaster

in 1999 after graduating from junior high school, high school because of poor somewhat not admitted, my father helped me in the school name! I wanted to learn the computer, but my dream is broken, then I went to school with the students to learn the medical knowledge together! Take it easy, I have been very hard to learn, think about the future when a doctor is also very good, a famous surgeon


day with the students on the streets, stumbled into an Internet cafe, and wake up my love for the computer, I was, what is not, even will not boot! Or server to help me open the machine, and a registered a 8 bit QQ, started the Internet in addition to the Internet career! Chat with QQ, what will not, hit 30 words a minute can use pinyin is very good! As long as it is on Sunday, with the Internet love students go to Internet cafes


the second half of 2001, heard a "legend" game, with a very good students started my showbiz career! Just play the game this year, the money spent is five times as the cost of Internet access, because playing games will buy cards,

think horrible!

in the first half of 2002, when the Internet, I open a website, one page attracted me, that page is so beautiful, I want to get, then began to know what is the free personal website, what is the specific code, what is the two level domain, three level domain name! Since when do the personal home page, I give up hard practice 40 priests, began to understand how to do good personal homepage.

the second half of 2002, I graduated, failed to pass the college entrance examination smoothly! Could only stay at home to help parents packed shop business, nearly a year did not go to the Internet, as if it had never happened before, after all, the Internet is to spend their parents money, think until really sad! In 2004, watching a movie, a shot which reminded me of the Internet from a memory, then get out of hand, almost every two or three days to go, no money to the parents, and then the Internet, not playing the so-called online games, but are looking for to make money, as long as the Internet, login to QQ, then open IE, enter the Baidu search "Wangzhuan", just want to take all the previous Internet access fees earned back! And began the so-called SOHO registered Wangzhuan, those are in fact MLM, in which I only put in the cost of the Internet, the other never put. Of course not making any money,


2005, a friend asked me to help him see the drugstore, had a couple of hundred dollars a month salary I also always thinking about how to find gold in the Internet, when I work in the evening, go to Internet cafes on the Internet, and I still continue to stand and do

online course!

began searching in 2006 for "how to make a site, make money, free space, free two class domain name forwarding", and gradually understand what is called ASP, what is PHP, what is the top class