The most powerful hacker counterattack in history

some time ago, a friend of the web server was hacked, his server on top of the three sites, of which two new sites have not been included Baidu, and an old station just to do a 301 redirect to the new domain name, the new domain name redirection has just been included in Baidu. It was hacked this is too normal thing, but that hackers are even the point of "moral" are not speaking, according to the common sense, you hang a Trojan point and what I received personal feel normal, but that a rogue to just do a 301 redirect the domain name server to do 301 redirect to his domain name, and the new domain name redirection others have just been included in Baidu, leading to the final K, his website is a trojan website, my friend almost mad.

if this is just nothing, who knows my friend second days on Baidu SITE own domain name has not been included, accidentally found that Baidu has a web site and his site is exactly the same, point to open a look, no, that is not their own station, in addition to domain name is different, all the other the same, even the membership data are the same, and Baidu included, my friend completely dumbfounded, contact me, introduced to me, I use the PING command to see the site, he is resolved to the IP on the server, but my friend said that there is no IIS on the server bind the domain name, I look into the server IP address, in the advanced options, hackers set up empty host header value, no experience of the owners are generally difficult to find, to help him deal with the after thought A revenge method, as shown in figure

: I know everyone seems this is not a reason or even bad practices, it is difficult to restrain my anger but I think the hackers also frequently came to the station, if you look at this "attack" of your article, I want to ask you the conscience, when you use your time since that great "dirty" successfully invade someone sabotage the server, you have to bring much harm to others? Every webmaster for their own websites devoted their efforts, in the face of the computer all day and all night for months or even years you destroy all the results within a few minutes, you let other people’s entrepreneurial passion from the top down to the bottom, you hit so many owners to give up their entrepreneurial dreams, but — I want to tell you, we must For you will not give up on our behavior, is a profound lesson. At the same time, stay on your site warning, you can come out if he should permit is true, I told a blackmail US hacker dialogue, I told him that we never bow to evil. Before this is the case, now also is such, when someone does something good for us, we will Yongquan, there for us, we will fight with him in the end, we will let you pay a heavy price for your behavior, we can even give us all to achieve this goal may be in your! Eyes, you do all of this is not worth mentioning, if you can take our revenge on you also think so that OK. >