Positioning strategy of WAP website construction in 3G Era

mobile Internet has always been a hot topic in the industry are discussed, in view of the development of hardware equipment and 3G network, a new market to show in front of many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, how excited they are waiting for the arrival of the opportunity and prepare? And how carefully, follow the prevention everywhere is to reduce the exchange risk? Risk, look for opportunities, expand their horizons and capture the future process, so the 3G increasingly hot topic. If there is a product that can change the pattern of the traditional Internet, then this product is undoubtedly 3G Technology (third generation mobile communications technology).

Analysys think tank in May issued the "first quarter of 2010 China Mobile terminal market quarterly monitoring", in the first quarter of this year, the domestic mobile phone sales amounted to 55 million 26 thousand units. Among them, 3G mobile phone sales totaled 6 million 113 thousand units, an increase of 65.97%. From the data point of view, the 3G market is growing rapidly, everyone knows that the 3G market is a piece of fat meat, everyone is looking forward to here, whether there is enough space to accommodate everyone,


several times the Internet transformation, every time the birth of giants down several, such as Tencent, Alibaba, Sohu, NetEase, Baidu, Sina, Shanda, Tianya community mop.com, bring every change is a huge chance. Li Kaifu has indicated that there are 9 investment projects in the innovation factory, of which 7 are mobile communications. 3G market in the future no doubt is the next opportunity, there is no predictable huge, to think of the face of a piece of everyone knows the market, the competition will be fierce, to be successful, must face the difficulty on numerous bodies and direction.

briefly describes the future of 3G, and here’s a rough talk about the idea of building a WAP site for the 3G era.

one, for crowd

compared with the traditional mobile communication technology (2G), 3G far beyond the former in terms of speed, 3G wireless network theory can reach 2.8M low speed, high can even reach 7.2M, which means that even faster than most people on many home broadband. Is more, taking into account the mobile phone screen size and the required amount of receiving data, can be said to be Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. speed.

as a result of China’s vast and broad, 3G network coverage is very low, is currently in the major cities for distribution. In the fixed coverage area, our utilization rate of 3G network is also low. Besides, the hardware condition of our telecom providers can’t keep up with the foreign countries. These three reasons for 3G communication needs pay is high, the general users can not participate. At present, there are different charges in different areas, but the prices in all parts of the country (except Hongkong and Taiwan) are higher than people expect.

in fact, from the price threshold, we have been divided into the construction of the site for the crowd. Monthly close to one hundred monthly rent, most people willing to spend on 3G are >