Webmaster tools for reference only correct analysis of data is the operation of the road


webmaster tools, I believe that the vast majority of the webmaster friends every day to check their website data, at present the Chinaz and love station webmaster tools should be used most, it is because of the webmaster tools better, Baidu also launched a long tool. Guardian read today’s blog Lu Songsong, an article mentioned: do not forget, as well as webmaster helper.

no matter whether we believe, for the webmaster, webmaster tools we use a reference data for more, but how many really good friends use webmaster tools? I believe that many webmaster can’t say a word. Because most of the webmaster only view included, ranking, some webmaster will check links and so on. For webmaster tools, many times we don’t value them.

1: most webmasters only watch included rankings.

believes that most of the webmaster only use integrated query, simple check, see Baidu snapshot, ranking the weight, if there is a Baidu snapshot, weight reduction, immediately to the owners of the home, A5, search outside, stand in a row, the real name network marketing forum posting. Why many friends thought of their website snapshot of the shift, recently there is no what to do? And for Baidu weight, according to the webmaster tools is the keyword ranking, whether you are doing is not the word, as long as there is a detached word ranking (before 50), will give a weight of 1, I believe many webmaster friends have found the law of


two: webmaster tools have too many functions, it is worth the webmaster reference.

webmaster tools have too many functions, it is worth the webmaster reference, many webmaster friends may use to link query function, today Guardian introduces several functions, hope webmaster friends can use more.

1, dead link detection. For this function may have part of the webmaster, and with the launch of Baidu webmaster tools, you may die link detection function or less use of webmaster tools, but for large quantities of dead links, you can still try to use.

2, Baidu index analysis. Mining the long tail keywords many webmaster mentioned, most webmaster friends think of Baidu drop-down and related searches, and statistical tools, in fact, the webmaster tools Baidu index analysis is also a good reference. Of course, for keywords optimization analysis, this function is also good, we can use keyword optimization analysis to determine their own keywords, optimization time and goals.

3, HTTP status query. In other tools, there is a HTTP status query, we can query according to whether their website is normal, 301 success, and so

for webmaster tools in other functions, guardian will no longer say, in fact, many times we are lack of excavation.

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