Novice was looking for links

for web site, someone once said that the content is king, the chain is gold. These two can be said to support the site to promote the volume of big magic weapon. For content, we do not have to say, the original good, pseudo original improvise. And to the friendship link is all webmaster, especially some new station and the PR value is not high web site headache. Seven today will tell us about how to do is to see their Links.

1, go to Baidu, Google search friendship link post. And then go to the above AD, leaving the site’s address and contact information. That’s what I started with. It’s the most wasteful and inefficient way to do it. It doesn’t work anymore.

2, QQ group to link exchange, I apply for a special exchange for Links QQ group, found twelve related group added, although usually is made but the harvest is very much, and found that many webmaster like me add a large number of QQ group, which is acquaintance.

3, to find Links forum and blog pages, first I want to tell you is that I only find a method, and second days of withdrawal, because he is a liar. However, this method is still adopted by many people, so I will go to some forums to leave the address and contact information.

above these methods may be everyone will do, but for a while has not found, it is a little anxious, can only think of some other methods, but this method is relatively tired,

For Links

1, to others in the site of the accident, a point has a web site to find each other at the bottom of the site have also done a lot of links, will go to see if there is in line with our site, and then the other webmaster contact, but this opportunity is very slim.

2, looking at their site, with the above method is similar to use other people’s links, but because of the friendship and links to their site site links are similar, so the opportunity is relatively large, and it is encountered the same problem, is to look at the opportunity.

3, in other site links when many people will care about your link, if you have a PR site and what weights are very high, so you and another PR high transfer link is it will have such a mentality "even so good standing for others why don’t I change", so to find one to two high quality links in the link to try to.

of course, you should pay attention to whether the other person will have an effect on the website when doing these Links, damage or invalid Links do not do as much as possible, and should always check whether Links is revoked, in short, Links is extremely important for the website, in exchange for care. Finally, AD, my website is still recruiting links, change for me,


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