Thoughts on the operation of local portal site

recently returned home new year, eat and do a local portal home friends, during which we talked a lot about local portal website operation problem, today its finishing share out and Admin5 friends to share.

Other site operators

local portal website operation with the Internet thinking mode, profit and other aspects are not the same thing, it compared to other types of website is more focused on the combination of online offline. Today specifically to talk about the local portal site operations.

, let’s first take a look at some of the most operational issues that local portals have encountered:


I, social resources,

One of the key issues of

local portals is whether they can get the best resources in the community and whether they can work together with the offline ones.

local portal site can best and administrative agencies, local government departments, schools, hotels, entertainment venues have close contact, so will your site to the sticky user, also will let users know more about your website, that your site is a regular site.

I do not suggest the webmaster to establish local portal in non home city or region, of course there is relationship between resources can be negotiable. For example, you are a Shanghai person, you go to Beijing as a local gateway, you will be very difficult to do a good job. Because your connections, connections, resources are in Shanghai.

so we do local portal webmaster, or should choose their hometown?. After all, our relationships, connections, resources are gathered in their hometown, which will give our operating website to provide twice the result with half the effort.

two. Profit model issues,

‘s profitability as a local portal can be said to be more diverse than traditional web sites. Local portals should have the attributes of otoo, making online and offline have the possibility of profit.


friend, operation of the local portal site, just north of Jiangsu in a small town, but also millions of dollars a year in revenue. Its web traffic is far less than a previous rank, station, or tool station on the internet. But its profitability is much bigger than those.

friend also said that his profit is not multivariate, because it mainly relies on the local real estate agent to advertise the website every year. Commercial real estate is willing to in the local network media advertising, the real estate developers have money, they just want to hang on no advertising, analysis of advertising in the end as they bring much effect, of course I am not saying no local portal advertising effect, but compared to the traditional local portal website, advertising focus on the advertiser’s exposure rate.

so, let’s be friends