My experience of sharing millions of traffic experiences three

, the first chapter introduces the service transformation of talent network operation

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second introduces the charging mode transformation of talent network operation


three, changing user experience,

user experience from the main interface and the operation and the function was improved, the operation interface of the biggest feature is to abandon the traditional talent network page upset advertising, and the optimization of the layout, the biggest characteristic function is combined with the mobile phone, I will select a few key to improve what we do share

mobile phone features:

in the user experience, increase with the function of mobile phone, mobile phone as described previously released jobs and job information, intelligent mobile phone does not need special access to the site, only need ordinary mobile phone you can visit the website to send a message information for users to browse, very convenient some inconvenience on the Internet or non computer users are as follows: figure:


million resume database let companies do not have to register for free selection, selected for CV, a message, a phone call to recruit personnel, without registration, without pay, you can recruit, the above functions for small businesses and shops in


enterprise features:

for the registration of the enterprise users increased for job seekers sending text messages to inform the interview, launch a direct function of telephone call, a notice of the interviewer, don’t need to manually call and send text messages to inform the interview process directly on the site, we can experience, as shown below:

personal features:

A lot of improved

personal aspects, we need to experience, such as SNS to a friend recommended position to send free SMS form, mobile phone calls and so on to help job seekers and convenient improvement, as shown below: individuals can through the mobile phone SMS query position, the system automatically returns the position information, 4 text messages to mobile phone users, with good position


interface improvement features:



see the dealer network system design: