Modify the site title resulting in a drop in power after the recovery process

himself has also been a SEOER for over a year, and before that, both the help company and the individual station rarely modify the title of the website. Occasionally, a website is modified only once. We all know SEOER a taboo: don’t change the website title free! Although a lot of people know this taboo, but must ensure that they will leap, because if the title of the site is not reasonable to do, or customer require us to modify it.

today I made the same mistake, should ask the boss of the · · · · ·

The old

company for 4 months, the site from the initial ranking or not some of the words in more than 500, along with the site hard to climb step by step, hard every day how to false original article, if the layout of key words, if the increase of the website chain · · · · · · · finally pays off, website keywords are on the rise every day, Ninth months is not what effect, but every day in advance to several dozens, to October when the website is ranked in the 3-10 page, every day to look for the chain website published articles, finally in November at the beginning of ranking on the home page, and then said no matter, but every day to see Links and released false original, all sites almost core keywords on the front page of the · · · · &mi Ddot; · ·


has been quietly to doom, to modify a keyword and description of the title of the page at the end of October when the boss, because I have not personally experienced the title be right down, so it is not too much to heart, the first amendment does not give the site impact, perhaps is our time domain can also let the chain also (08 years of domain name, even a lot of Baidu anti two hundred thousand, Gaga), then in the middle of November when the boss let 3-4 words to modify the title, after the modification of the website also did not change (what is good luck), or the daily work as usual · · · · · at the end of December the boss says the site title and description is not attractive, that is modified, this time I have to worry about, because compared to the revision before the 2 To some, the boss also told the title is not often changes, after some discussion, I decided to modify the last time, and lucky to have gone away from me, now I hate eternal · · · · modify the title after the second day of the key word ranking did not change, the website snapshot has not updated the same day, check the chain.