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1. access source summary

access source provides a general way to the site visitor distribution, to determine the effect of webmaster website promotion / marketing according to these data, but these data after it has hidden many pitfalls, how to analyze data from behind the data after such traps to further hide the visitor motivation?

1.1 pays attention to unknown source access

has already told you that visitors from unknown sources usually enter the site by directly entering the web site or in the form of favorites. This step is the source of love and hate for the webmaster, why? The first number of unknown origin visitors growth may herald website is more and more recognized by the user, that is to say the website is more users collection, if your domain name easy to remember to enter it, may also mean many users have to remember your site address and often enter into. However, direct access to the user is likely to become our loyal customers at the same time, this part of the user to the website the motive and purpose of becoming more and more difficult to understand, because the source site, the user’s search engine, search keywords, see the advertisement information will not know.

if you use some analytical techniques and combine other analysis functions, the behavior of unknown source visitors can also be analyzed. Techniques for analyzing unknown source access can be divided into the following aspects:

A. removes unconscious visitors

has no intention to enter the visitors is that due to incorrectly entered into the URL to the user site, usually after the user enters will leave immediately, so can according to this condition, the browsing pages of 1 access removal.

B. analyzes user initial source

originally refers to the user type, access the source user first entering the site such as a user access to the site by January ad A, after that every source of access, so we can speculate on the effect of advertising A users is very good.

C. to determine visitor access frequency

The frequency of visits by

unknown sources also determines whether the site analysts are dividing them into important indicators of loyal customers, with high frequency of access and high loyalty.

D. target conversion >