SEO well done website has traffic why not have several orders

has a do online shopping mall friend asked me today, why do SEO, key words do go up, the flow is, why is the poor were less singular every day? He asked me if SEO has not done enough, is not the key words are not enough, or other reasons. Otherwise I was the analysis on his website, found the goods when the page appears, commodity content is too simple, I remember I once read an article, an authoritative data show that online shopping consumers, 79% of people will not buy a no detailed description of goods goods, such as commodity a detailed description, and plenty of pictures, the reason is very simple, but this is the vast majority of online mall sellers are most easily overlooked things. So I personally think that the detailed program descriptions of goods and you The website commodity transaction is directly proportional to the relationship, we must first solve the problem is to make the description of the goods this tedious work. The following is a list of the collected content on the Internet, for some of the online sales business reference:

what a buyer wants to see when shopping online:

1. is detailed and accessible and features 68% (preferably better than your competitors)

2. product running environment information 62% (if you don’t write clearly, let a WinXp user buy a set of apple computer can use software, that is troublesome)

What are the items that come with the

3. product (62%, such as cell phones, batteries, and a few MINISD? Write them clearly.

)Is the

4. specification and model clear 58% (for example, different colors and weights of the same notebook)

5. commodity quality guarantee, warranty card and so on 52% (let the buyer buy assured)

6. manufacturer of goods 49% (so you don’t have to doubt the authenticity of the product)

7. features 46% (let buyers see your selling point, that’s what other stores don’t have)

8. to have a clear analysis of the big picture, but also the angle of the big picture 31% (to allow consumers to see clearly enough to stimulate buyers’ desire to buy)

9. use instructions 26% (you are too intimate, too professional), if you do not provide this information to the buyers, they are likely to go to other homes to read the information – and you forever say goodbye.

In another report,

said: "1.87% of the buyers will be affected by the description of the commodity information and the quality of the picture.". 2., buyers will spend 8 minutes before buying the product, carefully read the goods and browse pictures. (if your description of the product can be read in 20 seconds, it’s really too bad) buyers can’t see and touch the goods online, and all you can do is to buy them in words and pictures. Just think, >