Web site navigation personal experience era Ann net is like a good book

sold 50 million high priced hao123 web site, the site navigation station after become insurmountable miracles in the circles. Hao123 success, because it was born in a netizen on the Internet is very strange times, in the network of Internet users are very familiar with the times, Internet users rely greatly on its convenience and fast. But with the Internet users on the network increasingly familiar, as well as the search engine’s rise, hao123 almost unchanged for ten years the interface becomes annoying, site navigation industry calls for a new interface and new mode of operation, to meet the needs of the development of the network.

web site now contains more and more websites, and the poor search results and low efficiency have become a focus problem. Some users reflect: in the dense URL, often time-consuming, open two pages, or in the home scroll up and down, and for a while, the mouse did not find, want to find, there is a sense of frustration.

recently, some enthusiasts have discovered the site navigation, a determined and innovative web site navigation, the navigation page design, new no scroll type web site, as well as the unique classification arrangement, brought a fresh wind to stiff., use it to feel better.

, a rapidly rising web site, is the first to use a unique one page navigation to simplify the navigation structure of the web site. For example, hao123 needs to click on the site category in the home page, enter the two level Web page and find the url. The friends of the net dispense with the process of opening the two level page, click on the category, two pages in all of the current page, open the directory through the way to open a new window, not only improves the browsing speed, and save the system resources, to facilitate the search for a large number of practical web users often.

at the same time, in order to minimize the user on the scroll, positioning time on the page, you will site classification page, are closely arranged on the same page, basically within a range of pages, without a screen, you can easily click all neatly arranged with the site classification.

as the content of innovation, progress yasutomo network more, in site arrangement, according to the traffic of users, the website will be arranged, truly "love you, in the front row of the line of sight". Considering that HAO123 has regularly sold the top two categories to advertisers, this model can pick out the most popular web content, which is more practical for users.

from the site classification arrangement is can see, Ann friends network is more focused on the practicability and the tools of web access to user, one is the practical education, employment, science and technology in the front row, two is a lot of site classification terms, such as "pop" and "super boy" there is a hot and fresh content, together, point to open, convenient for a new concept classification search.

Ann friend also has a web site that attracts a lot of attention from users