nternet staged client wars expansion and monopoly in the end

Internet industry has been smoke four onwards, artillery crashed battlefield. I do not know when, the development of traditional Internet giants are no longer limited to the portal, mail, instant messaging, SNS these major areas. With the development of Internet, various kinds of competition are becoming more and more fierce. Monopoly, expansion has become synonymous with the domestic internet. With Taobao, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and other major giants headed, the Internet is expanding more intense competition, the client has become the next force battlefield.

last year’s domestic Internet, several giants in the competition for the client spared no effort. Especially the browser and input method of these two major battlefield is particularly fierce. The browser, IE share has remained at about 50%, but with the Firefox browser such as chrome, A new force suddenly rises., its status has been. In the domestic market, more in line with user habits of domestic browsers have been favored by Internet users, the success of roaming, so that the Internet giants have seen the huge flow behind the browser market. 360 browser has become the core of its 360 products, currently occupy the domestic browser share half of the country, in addition to harvest lucrative advertising revenue, but also brought huge traffic for its products, can not be get traffic entrance. Download giant thunder products have also tied the "155 browser"; and Sohu will split Sogou out of cooperation with Alibaba, plans to bigger browsers, input methods and other client business. NetEase also launched e-mail client, hoping to end the Outlook and FoxMail two strong situation.

you sing on stage, the browser market fiery. And the input method market is more competitive. Sogou has accounted for half of the domestic input law, coupled with the strength of QQ pinyin. The market is already hard to access. But Pinyin input method as a domestic Internet users another big entrance, the flow of cake behind it is willing to give up other giants?. Baidu has launched mobile phones and PC Pinyin input method, integrated open platform, hoping to introduce more traffic circle users. And Alibaba’s "Ali input" method is still half of the pipa slowly surfaced. The input method for the chiefs to spare no effort, visible input value of the flow entrance by the Internet industry treasures.

another hotly contested area is the security software client. In the 360 security guards and Jinshan, rising, cattle, Kabasiji slobber war did not come loose, the launch of Baidu computer housekeeper, Tencent also launched QQ doctor, the two giants are involved in changing the competitive pattern of client security software. Then Dr. QQ QQ launched an upgraded version – QQ computer Butler also set off the field at the end of last year by the national Internet users concerned about the "3Q war" no matter who is right, the Tencent in the end there is no scanning of user privacy, 360 in the end there is no hostage users, users and owners in the end which side, is just behind the coveted billionaire Internet users made the flow of value, and the client is the entrance of Internet users cannot do without, whether it is the browser, but also.